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Where We Fly
Pepino beach, one of the most beautiful scenery in Rio!

São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro, the sea and the mountain together one of the most beautiful scenery of the city. Here we fly. A site with a complete infrastructure for your dream of flying come true. The take-off are from Pedra Bonita ramp, inside the Tijuca National Park and the Pedra da Gávea in the background, at an altitude of 510m. The soft landing is in "Pepino Beach".


Attention please! our meeting point is not on take-off ramp, but on the beach, in São Conrado Free Flight Club.

Our meeting point is at the headquarters of São Conrado Free Flight Club, located in São Conrado beach, Av. Prefeito Mendes de Morais, 1502.

From there we'll get to "take-off ramp" together by our car, after fill Flight Club's registration\insurance.


How to get there

Coming from the south, go through the waterfront to the beach of Sao Conrado. A good option is to take the "Executive Bus" it is a dark blue bus with reclining seats, air-conditioned, WiFi, TV on board. It passes through the edge of beach and you can catch it at any point to Barra da Tijuca direction. Ask to the driver to drop you off in "Voo Livre" area of São Conrado neighborhood. For groups of 3 or 4 people it is better take a taxi or Uber.


You can use metrô too. Ask me about.

Coming from Barra da Tijuca and west zone, the option is the same but in the opposite direction. Our meeting point is on the right just at the tunnel exit that connects Barra to São Conrado.

Executive Bus

Be on time, for your comfort and better use of our tour avoid arrive before or after the scheduled time.


Book your fligth by WhatsApp or email before go there.

When you get there ask for Peter